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Question Posted 11/01/14:
Thank you for your rich database. I am a new user. Would you please let me know how I can download DTI data as DICOME format (I don't need FA map , etc.)? As I found, NiFTI, NiFTI 4D, ANALYZE and MINC are availabe. I need DICOM for extracting b-vector and b-value.
Sorry, I have another question. I didn't find information in user manual about the used abbreviations. How could I understand the information?

Thank you in Advance
Response posted 11/03/14 by Jessica Yaros, IDA:
Once you have added the DTI to a data collection, you can download \'As Archived\', which is the first option before NiFTI, MINC, etc. All of the raw (\'original\') DTI files are initially archived as DICOMS.

Image descriptions may vary according to equipment manufacturer. Which abbreviations are you referring to?
Response posted 11/03/14 by Farzaneh:
Thank you for your answer.
I have checked what you said, but there is another problem!
In the database series, there are Fractional Anisotropy,Average DC, Axial DTI, etc. Software "dcm2niigui" can not extract b-vectors & b-values because there are processed images such as FA values ....So please let me know how I could extract b-vectors from these .dcm files?
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