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Question Posted 12/15/14:

We highly appreciated that GATK-generated VCF data from re-aligned and re-called ADNI whole genomes data have recently been made available on the ADNI repository, and we downloaded these data on the 27/11/14.

I however soon had to submit an issue to the "Ask an expert" / Genetics core, about which I still did not get an answer (after more than two weeks now) :

In these multi-sample files, the individuals are identified in column headers by IDs like "08AD6536".
To relate the genotypes to phenotypic data on the same patients, we need to have the correspondence of these IDs with the PTIDs used for phenotype/clinical data (e.g. 002_S_0413), or at least with the WGS sample IDs (e.g. LP6005118-DNA_B03).

Could you please help me getting an answer to this ?

- Many thanks in advance !

Response posted 12/20/14 by Andy Saykin:
The vcf files have been replaced with a new set containing the ADNI IDs.
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