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Question Posted 12/19/14:
Dear Experts (With regard to diagnostic assignments in ADNIDOD): The selector for subject-specific information still appears to be inoperative, so I have been using VAELG.csv to assign diagnotic group status. In the datadic, the code for FLDNAME "COHORT"
indicates that 1=PTSD; 2=TBI; 3=Normal Control;4=PTSD & TBI. In the Comments field, I see the repeated use of the term "dirty TBI" for Group 4. The original protocol only indicated that there would be three groups (NL/TBI/PTSD). Is there a memorandum
introducing this cohort? Are we to assume that Group 4 (PTSD & TBI) should counted as primarily TBI subjects with the caveat of mixed pathology?
Response posted 12/19/14 by michael weiner:
Thank you for your interest in this proejct.
The subjects with PTSD and TBI are TBI subjects who have PTSD, or symptoms strongly suggestive of PTSD
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