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Question Posted 05/16/15:
Hi, Can you explain the difference of processed MRI images between \"Spatially Normalized, Masked and N3 corrected T1 image\" and \"MPR; GradWarp; B1 Correction; N3; Scaled\". I have to use subjects in ADNI1, ADNI GO/2 for my projects. I noticed that you said that the phantom scaling and “B1” corrections scans were discontinued for ADNI-GO/2. If I use the fully-processed MRI data \"MPR; GradWarp; B1 Correction; N3; Scaled\" in ADNI1, what kind of processed MRI data I should select in ADNI GO/2 in order to keep the comparability? what is the difference between \"MT1; N3m\" and \"Spatially Normalized, Masked and N3 corrected T1 image\"?

Thanks for your help!
Response posted 06/15/15 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your questions to the ADNI MRI Core.

The “MPR; GradWarp; B1 Correction; N3; Scaled” images come out of the Mayo’s ADIR lab preprocessing pipeline.
The “Spatially Normalized, Masked and N3 corrected T1 images” were generated from FreeSurfer, from the UCSF lab who uploaded these processed data.

We believe you will have the most success by choosing the “Scaled” images from ADNI1 data and the “N3m” images from the ADNI-GO/2 data.

Thank you

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