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Question Posted 10/02/15:
My question is, we searched all database for resting-state fMRI and ADNI Go/2, but only found 828 data, similar to the sample size stated in MAYOADIRL_MRI_FMRI_05_07_15. Of all data, several subjects scanned multiple times, so the number of subjects (sample size) for all CN, MCI and AD is just above 200. It seems contradictory from the data description as below:

"in ADNIGO/2, 150 CN subjects carried over from ADNI1, 350 subjects for EMCI, 400 LMCI carried over, 200 new AD."

So the total number of subjects seems to be
150+350+400+200 >> 200 which I found from the downloaded data. Can you give me some clue about this?

Currently, my keyword for searching is "fMRI" for modality, and it will have 6808 data. From them I noticed "Resting state fMRI", "Extended resting state fMRI" and "MoCoSeries" are most frequent. Should I also include "MoCoSeries" as resting-state fMRI data? Or what is "MoCoSeries" used for imaging (I think they are ASL perfusion data rather than resting state fMRI data)? As MoCoSeries are from Siemens and you said all resting-state fMRI are come from Philips.

Many thanks ahead!

Yours sincerely,

Han Zhang
Response posted 10/06/15 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

At best, only about 25% of subjects are scanned on Philips systems, so the numbers won't match 1 to 1 with expected enrollment. The best way to determine possible number of fMRI scans be search for only data with "fMRI" in the series name under advanced search.

You are correct. The fMRI scans are done on the Philips MRI systems for ADNI so there are no accompyaning "MoCoSeries" associated with the fMRI series. Those are created on Siemens systems associated with the ASL scans.

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