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Question Posted 08/05/13:
Is there a csv file where one could find if the original image associated with a particular ImageUID (a preprocessed image) is either an accelerated (or not) and/or repeat acquisition? I only seem to find this information in the xml files or downloading a csv using the advanced search tool in the IDA. Thanks.
Response posted 02/12/14 by Bret Borowski:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

1. when someone downloads a processed image the accompanying XML file contains the details about the image(s) from which it was derived.
2. In the download section there is a dataset called "MP-RAGE Metadata Listing" and in that, processed images that share the same SeriesID as an original image can be inferred to have been processed from that image.

3. One can also see the MRI QC Quality spreadsheet available on LONI which will show the quality rankings for each scan performed in an exam. However only one scane per scan type is the chosen scan, thus that is the scan that is preprocessed fully.

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