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Question Posted 10/30/15:
Hello all, I am new in plink analysis, Conversion to plink format keeps failing due to an error.

Error: failed to open HNPGenotypes.fam

Here are the few lines of my files :


002_S_0619 002_S_0619 200003 G G

002_S_0619 002_S_0619 200006 A A

002_S_0619 002_S_0619 200047 A A


002_S_0619 002_S_0619 0 0 0 0

002_S_0816 002_S_0816 0 0 0 0

002_S_0938 002_S_0938 0 0 0 0


3 rs2364372 0 127356428

3 rs2364379 0 192551084

1 rs2364403 0 154194376

I generated the files based on this code:

https://github.com/dhibar/ADNI_Genetics_Convert_to_PLINK according to the presentation: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/statistics/staff/academic-research/nichols/presentations/ohbm2014/imggen/Hibar_ImgGen-CommonVar_OHBM2014.pdf

How can I solve the error .
Response posted 11/04/15 by Sungeun Kim:
Unfortunately, I don't know about the script that you used. Please contact the person who created the script.
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