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Question Posted 08/09/13:
I have a question about ADNI sample IDs.

I'd like to know how to connect FID and IID written in the plink file (ADNI_cluster_01_forward_757LONI.fam) in ADNI_1_GWAS_Plink.zip to the ID, RID, SITEID in phenotype files (csv files).

Response posted 08/21/13 by Sungeun Kim:
Basically, in the ADNI PLINK file, FID doesn't have any special meaning. The first three digits of ADNI ID (IID, ADNI PTID) are "site IDs" and the last four digits are "RIDs". One more thing is that "site ID" from ADNI ID (IID, ADNI PTID) can be different from "SITEID" of some phenotype files.

Therefore, in order to clearly connect samples in the plink file to samples in other phenotype files, "ROSTER.csv" file should be looked up which connect RID to ADNI ID (PTID).
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