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Question Posted 08/09/13:
I would like to ask about information about ages of ADNI samples when they enrolled (or begun) the tests. Could you tell me which file has the information about age (or their birth) for all individuals?
Response posted 08/09/13 by Danielle:
PTDEMOG.csv (Subject Demographics [ADNI1,GO,2]) has the patient demographics information. It includes a variable for birth year (PTDOBYY) and birth month (PTDOBMM) that can be used along with EXAMDATE to compute age. Alternatively, the ADNIMERGE.csv file (Key ADNI tables merged into one table) contains a variable for baseline age (AGE).
Response posted 08/09/13 by michael weiner:
Its not clear that you even have access to the data base. you must sign the data use agreement to get the data. Once you have access to the data you should have no difficulty finding clinical information such as age. Please read the supporting documentation. And thank you for using ADNI data.MikeWeiner
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