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Question Posted 08/13/13:
We are obtaining hippocampal and entorhinal cortex volumes from the ADNIMERGE file for baseline MRIs from subjects in ADNI-1. It appears that these were obtained from the UCSF analysis using FreeSurfer 4.x.

Does ADNI recommend that we use the latest UCSF MRI volume data, which used FreeSurfer 5.1, for hippocampal and entorhinal volume?

Thank you, Billy
Response posted 08/19/13 by Bret Borowski:
Thank your for your question to the MRI core.

I have done some checking within our analysis groups and the following recommendation.

If the data being explored is 1.5T data, then the Freesurfer version 4.3 data is the only available information. Only ADNI1 3T data has been re-processed with a Freesurfer version 5.1. ADNI does feel that the 5.1 version provides a better segmentation of data, but for the sake of consistency, the user should utilize the 4.3 data if it includes 1.5T data. IF the user is only analyzing ADNI1 3T data, it is believed they should feel free to use the more updated version's data.
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