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Question Posted 05/20/16:
while co-registering (using SPM) structural (Sag IR-SPGR) and functional (resting state) images for various subjects (ID: 016_S_4951, 016_S_4952 etc.) the results are poor and thereafter the segmentation also fails. what cud be the reason??
Response posted 05/25/16 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the MRI core.

After discussing this with our team it appears that they need more information. Below is their response:

"It’s hard to say much without more info. For example, some more info that would help: did they start with the pre-processed (N3m) nifti images, or did they start from DICOM files? What version of SPM were they using? If starting from DICOM, what method id they use to create nifti files? Did they first ensure the origin and sform and qform of the nifti headers were set to reasonable values? In the co-registration, was the T1 the target or the fMRI the target? Did they first motion correct the fMRI., etc, etc?"

You can contact the ADNI MRI core directly at adnimri@mayo.edu

Thank you.

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