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Question Posted 10/19/16:
Dear ADNI Experts

I am having problems with find the diagnosis for patient with most processed 11C-PIB PET images. I have 228 subjects on list now. I wanted to match all the patients with acquisition date and RID using \'ADNIMERGE.csv\' and the csv file provided when I downloaded the images. However, when I use the large diagnostic summary sheet (DXSUM_PDXCONV_ADNIALL.csv) to find diagnosis in \'DXCURR\' and \'DXCHANGE\' column, I noticed that not all visit have diagnosis and corresponding visit ID. Actually, a large portion of my subjects does not have a matched diagnosis, about 150/230. Examples would be patient with RID 223, acquisition date 5/16/08 does not have a corresponding entry in diagnostic summary sheet that match both the date and RID although subject with RID 223 does have several entry in the sheet. Other examples include RID 546, acquisition date 10/9/08.

I am wondering if the acquisition date included in the csv file provided with the images should be the same with exam date in the summary sheet. If not, how should I match each subject to its specific exam date? If the acquisition date is the exam date, then how should I get all the diagnosis?

Thanks for answering!
Response posted 10/20/16 by Meredith Wu:

How did you match from 5/16/08 to m24? In 'ADNIMERGE.csv', the exam date for RID 223, m24 is 3/21/08. Can you describe more specifically, how to match from image ID/acquisition date I got when download the images to a specific visit ID of a subject. Which table should be use?

Thank you very much for your answer!
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