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Question Posted 11/16/16:
I need subjects with resting-state fMRI and DTI scans, simultaneously. However I can find anyone (I have found only one subject with AD). Is there any subject (AD, MCI and Normal) with both fMRI and DTI scans?
Response posted 11/17/16 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thanks for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

Unfortunately no, for ADNI2 subjects usually only had one modality of "experimental (fMRI, DTI, ASL) scans and that was dependent on which type of scanner they subjects were scanned on .

Siemens = ASL
Philips = fMRI

There were a case or two where subjects started on one type of system and either moved to another ADNI site or the scanner was upgraded, but no subjects were scanned with multiple modalities.

For ADNI3 this will not be the case, all subjects will get all 3 modalities but there has yet to be any subject scans yet. First scanned are expected sometime in December 2016.

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