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Question Posted 12/28/16:
I have downloaded the ADNI2 dataset from LONI, using the "as archived" option. Currently I am using dcm2niix (previously used the python tool dicom2nifti) to convert to nifti, and CPAC for processing. We need both functional and structural scans for each subject. The subjects with functional scans labeled "Resting_State_fMRI" worked perfectly, however not all subjects have this. I have tried to convert MoCoSeries, and a few other fMRI scan types to nifti with no success. Dcm2niix tells me the dicoms are invalid. Do have any advice for how to proceed with getting more functional scans?
Response posted 12/29/16 by ADNI MRI Core:
Thank you for your question to the ADNI MRI Core.

Not every subject will have an fMRI series. In fact, probably only about 30 percent or so will. fMRI was only performed on Philips MRI scanners for ADNI2. The MoCo Series you are referring to is actually most likely a derived series from an ASL scan which were done on Siemens systems. The LONI system has grouped these with fMRI scans, in their search criteria but are not. The best option to download all fMRI scans is to do a search using "fmri" as part of the series description. If you have any questions concerning downloading data from LONI you can reach them at dba@loni.usc.edu.

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