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Question Posted 01/20/17:
Hello There,
I'm having difficulty figuring out which dataset will help me answer my question of interest. I would like to use fMRI data to predict disease status using different. I would like to specifically analyze data from different voxels. Could you please give me some direction. I've been browsing the site for a weeks now. Most of the instruction are outdated unfortunately. I've downloaded several datasets that were's accompanied by a codebook/dictionary to help with encoding variable names. I would really be grateful if you could offer me some guidance.

Thank you in advance.
Response posted 01/20/17 by Danielle:
If you want to analyze voxel-level data, you likely will want to download the images themselves rather than data files that contain numeric summaries of the images. You can access the images through the IDA, so once you login to your account (where you have been able to download datasets), go to Download and then instead of going to Study Data, go to Image Collections - you can then use the Advanced Search (beta) to find the fMRI scans. Diagnosis information can be obtained in the Diagnostic Summary dataset on the Study Data page (coding is in the data dictionary, DATADIC.csv).
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