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Question Posted 04/07/17:

I am trying to properly subset and merge variables DONEPEZIL and MEMANTINE from dataset RECCMEDS to ADNIMERGE in order to assess whether each patient was using the medication or not at a given visit.

For some records variable CMCONT=”No” (i.e. Is the medication continuing? – “No”) but DONEPEZIL=1. Does this mean that the patient was not using DONEPEZIL at this visit?
Response posted 04/12/17 by Danielle:
I spoke with members of the Clinical Core and all of the cases with CMCONT="No" have an end date for the drug (CMEND), suggesting that the drug was stopped at a specific date (so not continuing).
Response posted 01/12/23 by Mira:
I’ve recently downloaded RECCMEDS dataset from ADNIMERGE package from SAS in Nov 21, 2022. However, I noticed that some dates for fields CMBGN and CMEND were completely missing or entered in the format 2005-xx-xx. It seems to me these are new observations, which may not have yet been cleaned or imputed compared to the 2017 version of the same dataset. Is this the case? Will these dates eventually be imputed?
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