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Question Posted 04/28/17:
Hello, I have downloaded a CSV file for the information on all of the imaging subjects I intend to use in my study. To assess conversion data, I looked to the Data Summary. It appears that the dates and diagnoses for subjects often don't match up between the two sets of information. Is this an error in the data or am I missing something in interpretation? I have double checked the IDs to ensure they correspond, and double checked the dates and diagnoses in each file. To give a hypothetical example to display my question; in the CSV file for date "A" it shows my patient is LMCI, in the Data Summary for my patient it shows that 12 months prior to date "A" this patient converted to from MCI to AD. Any help on this?
Response posted 04/28/17 by Danielle:
If you are using the Diagnostic Summary data file (DXSUM_PDXCONV_ADNIALL.csv), that is the file that contains the diagnosis information, including information on progression (i.e. MCI to dementia). I'm guessing the CSV file for the imaging subjects that you refer to has information from the images, which I believe just contains the diagnosis from the screening visit.
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