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Question Posted 09/20/17:
I am attempting to find the exam dates for the neuropsychological testing battery. However, in the NEUROBAT.CSV file, a number of exam dates are missing. I am not sure where to find the remaining exam dates for neuropsychological testing. I was told it could be find using the registry file but I'm not sure if I'm doing that correctly. Thank you.
Response posted 09/20/17 by Danielle:
Yes, the REGISTRY file is the best place to find the dates. You should be able to merge by RID and VISCODE2. Another file to consider is the ADNIMERGE file, which merges several key tables together and includes EXAMDATE.
Response posted 09/20/17 by Mackenzie Leavitt:
How do you merge by RID and VISCODE 2 to get the exam dates for neuropsych testing in the registry file? I'm looking at the Registry file, but I'm not sure how to do that.
Response posted 09/20/17 by Danielle:
You will have to merge files using a software program. Statistical software programs can do this (SAS, R, Stata). If you do not know how to merge files, I recommend checking the ADNIMERGE file to see if it contains the variables from NEUROBAT that you would like to use.
Response posted 09/20/17 by Mackenzie Leavitt:
Hello, when I attempt to download the ADNI merge file from the website, it takes me to a blank tab that won't load. I've refreshed and re-started my computer and it still does this.

Thank you!
Response posted 09/20/17 by Danielle:
Be sure to click on the link for "Key ADNI tables merged into one table" (not one of the Merged ADNI1/GO/2 Packages). I just tried it and was able to download the file (I was also able to download the Package files).
Response posted 09/21/17 by Rita:
In NEUROBAT.csv you can look at visit (VISCODE, VISCODE2) and then find the EXAMDATE for that visit in registry.csv. If you still have questions please email data.coordinator@loni.usc.edu
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