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Question Posted 11/09/17:
I am a fellow at Childrens National Medical Center. Our lab is currently designing a project on Alzheimer's disease and are interested in this cohort. The project would require blood and CSF samples, as well as cognitive/clinical data and imaging. I have some specific questions about the possibility of acquiring this data. For example, would all of this data be available for the same patients? I also have a few other specific questions. Who would be the best person/group to reach out to with our questions?
Response posted 11/09/17 by michael Weiner:
Concerning your interest in blood and CSF samples, if you go to the Scienist Page of ADNI-Info.org or to the USC/LONI/ADNI website you can see procedures for requesting blood and CSF samples. YOu should follow those procedures. Its easier to obtain plasma samples while CSF samples are available but in much shorter supply.
All the cognitive clinical and imaging data including all images are avialble to you if you complete the Data Use AGreement on the USC/LONI/ADNI website.
Thanks for your interest in ADNI
Response posted 11/10/17 by michael weiner:
You asked "Our project would require having both biological specimens (Blood, CSF) with matched imaging and cognitive data from the same subjects. Is it possible to get matched imaging data and specimen samples?" The answer is YES!!! All data has a subject code and date. Of course its very possible to link ALL DATA. That is the entire point of doing this.
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