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Question Posted 11/09/17:
Dear Sir and Madam
My name is Tsuyoshi Hashimoto working as Radiologist in Japan.
I have registered ADNI and I am using data from the LONI database.
Looking at this database, some people were done examination multiple time as follow up period.
In those cases, their diadnosis seems not to be changed during the follow up period.
For example, it seems like MCI subject's diagnosis doesn't change durling all period.
When MCI cases change to AD, how should I know that? And where in database should I see?
I also want to distinguish between stable MCI and progressive MCI. What should I do?
please teach me.
Response posted 11/13/17 by Rita:
All diagnostic information is included in Diagnostic Summary file (DXSUM_PDXCONV_ADNIALL.csv). For ADNI-1, diagnostic change information is contained in several variables (DXCURREN, DXCONV, DXCONTYP). For ADNI-GO/2, all diagnosis information is included in the variable DXCHANGE. Refer to the data dictionary for coding information.
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