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Question Posted 01/11/18:
Is the medical history file available for ADNI3? If yes, where is the file. If not, is there a timeline for the data release?

Thank you
Response posted 01/22/18 by KC:
No, there is no Medical History file for ADNI 3. That information is collected as part of the Modified Hachinski Ischemic Score, a brief questionnaire that incorporates questions about medical history, cognitive symptoms and features of stroke, as reported by a study partner and informed by the neurological examination and neuroimaging studies.
Response posted 01/22/18 by Matthew Hutchison:
Thank you for the reply. Looking though the Hachinski Ischemic Score table, there is no smoking information. In that light, is smoking not captured anywhere for ADNI3?

As a related question, could you verify the labels of the smoking items in the medical history table are:

-MH16SMOK. Smoking

-MH16ASMOK. During periods of smoking, the average number of packs/day

-MH16BSMOK. Duration (years)

-sMH16CSMOK. If no longer smoking,
provide period of time since stopped smoking (years)

If there is a value of 1 for MH16SMOK item (16), does this indicate a current smoker? Or can that only be assumed if there is no value (-4) entered for 16c (which would mean there are very few smokers in the sample).

Thank you.

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