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ADNI Archives

New & Updated Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Tensor-Based Morphometry Data Available

6 November 2012

Tensor-based Morphometry & DTI ROI Summary Measures data generated by the Thompson Lab (LONI) are available from the DOWNLOAD section of the ADNI archive.  The datasets are named UCLA...
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Serum Autoantibody Biomarker Data Available
Biomarker Core
1 November 2012

New serum autoantibody biomarker data for 100 subjects (50 MCI + 50 Control)  has been added to the download section of the archive.  Details may be found in the...
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Standardization of analysis sets for reporting results from ADNI MRI data
27 October 2012

Abstract: “The Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) three-dimensional T(1)-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) acquisitions provide a rich data set for developing and testing analysis techniques for extracting structural endpoints....
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Updated FDG & AV45 PET Analysis Data and Documents

23 October 2012

FDG and AV45 Analysis data files and methods documents have been updated and renamed. The AV45 data file has a new column containing an overall cortical summary ratio. Previous File...
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Recalled ADNI-2 AV45 scan replaced with new reworked images

22 October 2012

The original raw and pre-processed images for ADNI-2 subject 013_S_4579 baseline AV45 scan were reconstructed with an incorrect parameter, but initially passed in June, 2012.  This error was discovered...
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Biofluid Inventory Information
Biomarker Core
29 August 2012

Two new documents showing CSF and Plasma sample inventories are now available in the download section of the archive.  After logging in, choose DOWNLOAD from the menu and look...
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ADNI 1/GO/2 Merged Data Packages for R, SAS, SPSS and Stata Users
Biostatistics & Clinical Cores
20 August 2012

Merged datasets (ADNIMERGE) containing data from ADNI 1/GO/2 clinical data and numeric summaries are now available in the IDA.  Installation instructions are included in the files which may be...
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ADNI GO/2 GWAS Data Available
Genetics Core
19 July 2012

The ADNI Genetics Core has released GWAS data for ADNI GO/2 participants which is now available from the download section.  Due to the large volume of data, the 432...
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GWAS Data – Plink version
Genetics Core
12 July 2012

The Plink version of ADNI 1 GWAS data is now available in the Download section of the IDA.
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Replaced CSF Biomarker dataset for ADNI GO and ADNI 2
Biomarker Core
11 July 2012

The CSF Biomarker dataset for ADNI GO and ADNI 2 subjects was replaced. The updated file is now available from the DOWNLOAD section of the ADNI archive. The dataset...
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