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Multicenter Multivariate Studies

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) Related Biofluid And Genetic Biomarker Studies Using Non-ADNI University Of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Biosamples From Patients Followed Longitudinally Affected By AD, Parkinson’s Disease With (PDD) And Without (PD) Dementia, Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Or Related Neurodegenerative Diseases (ND)
John Q. Trojanowski and Leslie M. Shaw

The Center for Neurodegenerative Disease (ND) Research (CNDR; (http://www.med.upenn.edu/cndr/) is the home base of of several large programmatic grants focusing on basic science and patient oriented research begining in 1990 with an NIA funded PO1 on shared mechanisms of AD and PD led by John Trojanowski (PO1 AG-09215) that ran from 1990 to 2010 and then was continued from 2007 to the present as the Penn Udall Center (P50 NS-053488). In addition, there is a Penn AD Core Center (ADCC; P30 AG-10124-27) led by John Trojanowski, which has a dementia with Lewy Body (DLB) and frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) module, and an NIA funded PO1 on FTD led by Virginia Lee (P01 AG-17586-16) as well as a previously funded PO1 on ALS and TDP-43 (P01 AG032953) led by Virginia Lee. Of course there many other AD and related dementia (ADRD) grants at Penn including the AD Genetics Consortium led by Jerry Schelenberg and Li-San Wang, but the grants listed above follow patients longitudinally.

Thus, CNDR has systematically collected patient biosamples including CSF, DNA/RNA, plasma, serum, whole blood and postmortem brain samples since 1990 from longitudinally followed patients, many of whom consent to autopsy. Accordingly, CNDR has banked CNS tissues from >1,700 subjects with a primary diagnosis of AD, Lewy body demenias (LBD), FTD, ALS, related NDs and normal controls (NC). This includes cases with the following primary neuropathology diagnoses, although many have other or additional ND co-pathologies1 such as aging related astroglial tauopathy (ARTAG):2-4 576 AD, 120 PD, 134 PDD, 52 DLB, 55 MSA brains and 257 NC or pathological aging related tauopathy (PART).5 There also are 111 frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) due to TDP-32 inclusions (FTLD-TDP), 52 ALS, 50 CBD,106 PSP and 23 PiD brains. DNA from brain is available on >1500 (89%) of autopsies.  Some autopsy cases have paired DNA from  blood or saliva and brain (n=515).  DNA from peripheral blood is banked from approximately 480 NC and 3700 individuals in the following diagnostic categories: 1478 AD, 613 ALS, 573 FTLD, 1003 PD/PDD/DLB, 22 MSA. For archival biofluids, we have CSF samples from >1500 individuals in the following diagnostic categories: 634 AD, 507 FTLD, 202 PD/PDD/DLB, 151 ALS, and 105 NC. We have plasma samples from >3300 unique individuals in the following diagnostic categories: 859 AD, 504 FTLD, 948 PD/PDD/DLB, 545 ALS, and 454 NC. In nearly all cases, CSF is matched with plasma collected at the same time, and for many individuals, multiple samples have been collected longitudinally. Thus, our archived DNA/RNA and biofluid biosamples are extremely valuable for comparative studies across diverse ND and they have been used extensively in neuropathology, genetic and biomarker studies supported by the NIH funded grants noted above.1, 6, 7 Below are brief highlights of genetic and biofluid biomarker studies conducted on Penn non-ADNI biosamples mainly since 2013 that complement the biomarker studies done in ADNI with ADNI patient samples.

Studies conducted using these UPenn samples often include biosamples from other centers or investigators beyond Penn and the focus here is on biomarkers (mainly CSF, plasma and DNA, but some are combined with PET imaging and structural imaging data) and neuropathology. This is exemplified in particular by comparative studiesof AD and PD including: 1) Recognition of the contribution of co-morbid AD and alpha-synuclein (aSyn) pathology to cognitive decline in AD with concomitant aSyn pathlogy and LBD.8-13 Specifically, co-morbid A? and tau neuropathology, APOE ?4 genotype, lower CSF A?1-42 levels, and increasing A? amyloid burden on PET imaging are all associated with CI in PD. 2) Establishing that specific plasma biomarkers are predictors of CI in PD and AD.14-16  3) Comparing the differential effects of genetic factors on cognition in PD and AD.17-19 4) Other collaborative genetic17, 18, 20-34 and biofluid biomarker studies15, 35-52 demonstrate that SNPs and biofluid biomarkers changes can be disease specific or are altered in many ND. However, we have focused mainly on AD, PD and FTD in our Penn cohorts that enable comparisons of these UPenn data with data from ADNI subjects. Notably, we continue to expand our collaborations with the Blennow/Zetterberg group so that as ADNI Add-On studies identify potentially informative biomarkers in ADNI biosamples going forward, we will follow up with the interrogation of biosamples from the UPenn AD, PD, FTD and ALS subjects. Finally, it shoult be noted that our UPenn cohort is more diverse than the ADNI cohort and we have followed ~150 patients with antemortem biofluid draws to autopsy so we can extend the type of study we reported in Toledo et al.39 to our collaborations with the Blennow/Zetterberg group. This is exemplified in the Cullen et al collaborative study with the Blennow and Zetterberg group (In review , 2018) wherein we collected a panel of five CSF biomarkers ” A?42, total tau (t-tau), phosphorylated tau (p-tau), neurofilament light (NfL), and neurogranin (Ng) ” in 723 subjects representing nine neurodegenerative disorders including both an autopsy-confirmed AD cohort and a clinically representative, probable AD cohort. To seek to differentiate between AD and each of the other disorders in our study cohort, we identified univariate cutoff values of the most informative single biomarker and also fit a multivariate machine learning model using all biomarkers at once. As a result, we found that the multivariate predictive model achieved high differential diagnostic accuracy and greatly outperformed the univariate cutoff model. The strong results on both a gold standard, autopsy-confirmed AD cohort and a clinically representative AD cohort support the idea that this panel is capable of greatly improving patient selection in AD clinical trials.


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Please refer to the following manuscripts for comparison with ADNI data files: