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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Sandra Black
Institution: Sunnybrook Research Institute
Department: Cognitive Neurology
Proposed Analysis: To evaluate structural brain changes on MRI and correlate MRI volumetry with cognitive performance across a series of neuropsychological tests. Validate automatic segmentation tools that will be used to measure Alzheimer disease progression.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Sean Nestor
Proposed Analysis: MRI volumetry and validating automated MRI segmentation tools.
Investigator's Name: Christopher Scott
Proposed Analysis: MRI volumetry
Investigator's Name: Joel Ramirez
Proposed Analysis: Volumetric analysis of structural imaging data for investigation of brain-behaviour relationships.
Investigator's Name: Walter Swardfager
Proposed Analysis: Serum biomarkers vs. cognitive decline
Investigator's Name: Katherine Zukotynski
Proposed Analysis: Examining the relationships between amyloid burden and cognitive impairment in AD and MCI.
Investigator's Name: Courtney Berezuk
Proposed Analysis: Sex differences in cognitive and functional decline in AD and MCI
Investigator's Name: Saira Mirza
Proposed Analysis: Investigating the possible role of APOE-e4 genotype in the association of WMH and cognition in dementia patients.
Investigator's Name: Shraddha Sapkota
Proposed Analysis: To investigate the temporal ordering of biomarker abnormalities in Alzheimer’s disease and develop a multimodal biomarker approach to predict neurocognitive trajectories.
Investigator's Name: Maged Goubran
Proposed Analysis: Novel biomarker development through diffusion imaging and PET imaging analysis.
Investigator's Name: Miracle Ozzoude
Proposed Analysis: White matter hyperintensity and connectome analysis.
Investigator's Name: Melissa Holmes
Proposed Analysis: structure-function relationships in dementia
Investigator's Name: Amin Banihashemi
Proposed Analysis: We intend to describe the relationship of the decade of birth and markers of neurodegeneration in the ADNI cohort. These markers would include, but not be limited to structural and functional neuroimaging markers and CSF biomarkers.
Investigator's Name: Julie Ottoy
Proposed Analysis: Relationship between WMH volumes, plasma markers, and amyloid and tau PET across the AD spectrum