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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Anees Abrol
Institution: The Mind Research Network
Department: Department of Psychology
Proposed Analysis: I am interested in conducting a multimodal analysis to identify key features of progression from MCI to AD.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Lei Wu
Proposed Analysis: The study of human brain connectivity provides insights into the neurophysiological mechanism of brain function and its relationship to human behavior and cognition. Diffusion MRI-based structural connectivity measurement provides crucial yet complementary information to the conventional fMRI-based functional connectivity. Hence, we propose extending the Neuromark framework, which initially studied T1 MRI and resting-state fMRI connectivity, to NeuroMark-DTI, which investigates diffusion-based fiber structural connectivity for the ADNI dataset. The NeuroMark-DTI preprocessing and analysis framework will include preprocessing to level out the difference between various sequence setups and harmonize the data, a fully automated feature estimation and selection using group ICA, connectivity matrix ICA, tensor-based and tractography-based tracking, a data-driven fusion framework to utilize both structural connectivity and functional connectivity, and more advanced deep learning methods to trace intricate structures in ultra-high dimensional data. We propose implementing the NeuroMark-DTI framework to study Alzheimer’s disease in ADNI data and detect biomarkers/lesions in white matter microstructural connectivity in patients, providing a valuable aid to early detection.