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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: John Absher
Institution: University of South Carolina Greenville
Department: Neurology
Proposed Analysis: If possible, I would like to examine clinical data to identify subjects with AD who have a history of traumatic brain injury (TBI), compare sMRI from the AD subjects with TBI to those without TBI, and look for exosomes (in serum) and neuroanatomical profiles/patterns that may distinguish these two groups. I hypothesize that AD subjects with and without TBI will have similar patterns of regional cortical thinning, and overlapping exosomal markers, but additional exosomal markers in the AD+TBI group may help explain why TBI increases risk for a broad spectrum of neurodegenerative diseases.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Terri Bruce
Proposed Analysis: Analyze fluid biomarkers identified by other team members to determine how these may be identified using human exosomes obtained from individuals with TBI to assess the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.
Investigator's Name: Derek Andrew Brown
Proposed Analysis: Dr. Brown will assist with the statistical analysis of the ADNI data related to the TBI study.
Investigator's Name: Booyong Hur
Proposed Analysis: Booyong is Dr. Brown's postdoctoral student who is collaborating on the statistical analysis of the ADNI/TBI data.
Investigator's Name: Enrique Urrea Mendoza
Proposed Analysis: Enrique is an MD/PhD helping the undergraduate students with their atypical Parkinson's disease study.
Investigator's Name: Maggie Scapollato
Proposed Analysis: Maggie is a BS candidate who will examine the ADNIDOD dataset to explore structural and functional differences between subjects with and without TBI. Her project will look at using various metrics (SUVR) to more accurately compare these groups.
Investigator's Name: Bailey Tanner
Proposed Analysis: Bailey will assist with the PET data analysis that we plan to identify differences in subjects with TBI vs those without a TBI history.
Investigator's Name: Samantha Kanny
Proposed Analysis: Samanatha will work with Dr. Brown to perform the statistical analysis of the datasets. Specifically, we are considering network or graph theory approaches to analyzing data across sites, because the effects of TBI may differ considerably among patients. Separate anatomical sites of damage may explain the difficulty prior investigators have had identifying differences between TBI and non-TBI subjects.
Investigator's Name: Grigori Yourganov
Proposed Analysis: Dr. Yourganov will assist in applying NiiStat analysis using support vector machines to ADNI data.
Investigator's Name: Shreya Katti
Proposed Analysis: Ms. Katti will assist with the PET data analysis.
Investigator's Name: Jason Smith
Proposed Analysis: Mr. Smith is assisting with the clinical and biomarker relationships between TBI and imaging findings.
Investigator's Name: Jonathan Wade
Proposed Analysis: Mr. Wade is assisting with the clinical analysis of TBI subjects in comparison to non-TBI subjects.
Investigator's Name: Madisen Faulkner
Proposed Analysis: Madisen is a medical student who will help supervise undergraduate students in analyzing and interpreting clinical, demographic and imaging variables that distinguish TBI from non-TBI subjects.
Investigator's Name: Paige Novota
Proposed Analysis: Paige will assist other students and work with the team to analyze and interpret data differentiating TBI and non-TBI subjects.
Investigator's Name: Alex Fossum
Proposed Analysis: Alex will focus on MRI data in her work with the ADNITBI team.
Investigator's Name: Kshiraj Talati
Proposed Analysis: Kshiraj is a high school student gaining exposure to neuroimaging research by participating in the ADNITBI study with a team of other investigators. He will help with image data pre-processing and other assigned tasks.