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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: C. Kwon Kim
Institution: Holmusk
Department: Neuroscience Strategy
Proposed Analysis: Overall objective: Develop a predictive simulation model of Alzheimer’s disease that integrates research, preclinical, clinical trial and real-world evidence to improve patient treatment outcomes and accelerate drug discovery and development. This model platform will be flexible to incorporate various types of datasets from different sources, and additional information as new evidence becomes available. It will allow for scientific hypothesis testing, and aid in the design of preclinical studies and clinical trials. We will utilize the latest innovations in data science, incorporating machine learning techniques for big data. Purpose of the first pilot study: Develop a predictive model of Alzheimer disease that can identify patients at the highest risk of disease progression, and the rate of that progression. This pilot will only use the ADNI database: integrate patient data from cognitive tests, neuro-imaging, existing biomarkers, etc. This will validate our modeling approach, and mathematical and statistical methodology. This model will connect the established biological processes to neurodegeneration; connect differential dysfunctions of underlying mechanisms to progression and distribution of atrophy in different brain regions; and predict changes in cognitive capacity from the brain atrophy patterns and other patient data.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Sankha Mukherjee
Proposed Analysis: same proposed analysis as stated above
Investigator's Name: Qian Chen
Proposed Analysis: Explainable AI computer vision model to identify brain biomarkers linked to cognitive decline.
Investigator's Name: Lu Wang
Proposed Analysis: same proposed analysis as stated in the main analysis proposal.
Investigator's Name: Kaida Ning
Proposed Analysis: Characterizing brain imaging features associated with ADAS-Cog13 sub-scores with 3D convolutional neural networks