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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Sarah Banks
Institution: UCSD
Department: Neuroscience
Proposed Analysis: We are using the ADNI data to analyse vertex-wise correlations between tau PET and cognition, and cortical thickness and cognition. We are also looking at sex differences in these relationships.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Amaryllis Tsiknia
Proposed Analysis: Ms. Tsiknia is interested in looking at vascular risk in relation to sex in preclinical AD
Investigator's Name: Rachel Bernier
Proposed Analysis: Dr. Bernier will be assessing the relationship between inflammation and tau in women
Investigator's Name: Alyx Shepherd
Proposed Analysis: Ms. Shepherd will be assisting in studies of sex differences in tau, with a particular emphasis on inflammation
Investigator's Name: Emilie Reas
Proposed Analysis: Dr. Reas will be using novel analytic techniques to investigate sex differences in the DTI images
Investigator's Name: Edmund Sumpena
Proposed Analysis: Calculating the office based framingham risk score in the ADNI dataset to see if it predicts tau deposition differently in men and women.