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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Caihua Wang
Institution: FujifilmCorporation
Department: Imaging Technology Center
Proposed Analysis: Very early diagnosis of dementia become more important this years, not only because that more and more public and health professionals recognized that this disease starts long before symptoms are present and need earlier treatments, but also because there exist some drugs which can slowdown the progress of the disease, even can not cure it. Aimed at very early diagnosis of dementia, we are trying a multimodal approach to detect patients whose cognitive ability will fall down in next one year, using both longitudinal image information and blood test information. We have developed an accurate image registration method to quantitatively evaluate atrophy rates of brain sub-regions, and find that even only the atrophy features can give an encouraging precision of prediction of the progress of the disease, on a relatively small data set. We are planning to improve the prediction precision by using deep learning, which will need a very big data set for training and validation. ADNI will be very helpful for our research, because it is the largest data set in the world having both longitudinal image information and cognitive scores and diagnosis results.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Tsubasa Goto
Proposed Analysis: Same as that of pricipal investigator.
Investigator's Name: Yuanzhong Li
Proposed Analysis: Same as that of principal investigator