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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Adeel Razi
Institution: Monash University
Department: Psychological Sciences
Proposed Analysis: Resting state fMRI studies examining functional connectivity degeneration in the default mode network (DMN) of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) sufferers have posited that comorbid depression in Alzheimer’s may exacerbate connectivity issues in the DMN of Alzheimer’s patients. However, functional connectivity is measured in terms of correlation, and is thus unable to resolve directionality of information flow. For a more mechanistic insight into how depression may disrupt the DMN in the context of Alzheimer’s, this study plans to: 1) utilize a dynamic causal modelling (DCM) framework to examine rs-fMRI images for a causal understanding of the impact that comorbid depression may have on DMN connectivity in Alzheimer’s patients. 2) To further informal causal mapping of depression specific functional networks, we will use diffusion imaging to constraint the possible functional model space. This will provide a very novel empirical structural-functional relationship of depression in AD. 3) Connectivity measures and global cognitive performance (e.g. MMSE) will also be related using general linear model. Data access required : 1) structural images, T1, T2, 2) resting state functional MRI, 3) Diffusion MRI, 4) Cognitive and clinical variables
Additional Investigators