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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Mohamed Abu Sheha
Institution: University of South Florida
Department: Mathematics and Statistics
Proposed Analysis: I am Mohamed Ali M Abu Sheha, a doctoral student of Prof. Chris P. Tsokos at the University of South Florida. We aim to develop a data-driven statistical model using your data to identify the significant attributable variables and their interaction that cause dementia. Also, we will use the structure statistical prediction model to predict the dementia index subject to all risk factors, interactions, etc. We also want to study the behavior of male vs. female if they are significant differences between them or not. We very much believe that we can develop a statistical model with machine learning to predict dementia for a given patient once we have information on what the medical Doctors believe causes dementia. That is if we have information on the risk factors what they all believe causes the problem of dementia. We need to access the initial data that you all collect. We will propose a model, and in addition to predicting, we will be able to identify and rank individually with interactions the significant risk factors. We have excellent experience in the building of the statistical model and environmental system, various aspect of cancer, among others. Finally, we believe that the success of this project will have a very significant impact on the subject area.
Additional Investigators