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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: David Benrimoh
Institution: McGill University
Department: Psychiatry
Proposed Analysis: I am working under the supervision of Dr. Simon Ducharme at the Montreal Neurological Institute and completing a Master's in Psychiatry during my Psychiatry Residency. I will be pooling data from ADNI, PPMI, SchizConnect and GENFI. I will use structural images to determine regions and networks associated with psychosis across the three 4 diseases. When possible, I will specify this analysis to specific psychotic symptoms. A meta-analytic method as developed by Chakravarty et.al will be used to analyze the data to account for between site differences. Within each disease I will identify matched healthy and non-psychotic disease controls based on age and gender. I will then engage in visual quality control; use the Bpipe pipeline for preprocessing; and then use the CIVET and MAGET pipelines for segmentation of cortex and subcortical structures. I will then proceed to cortical thickness and morphology analysis between psychotic and non psychotic subjects. We will then apply network analysis techniques developed by Misic et al to determine structural covariance networks associated with psychosis.
Additional Investigators