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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Chang Chun Yang
Institution: National Cheng Kung University
Department: National Cheng Kung University
Proposed Analysis: * Project name : Developing AI Expert System on Dementia for the Elderly * Summary of Research : This research uses Faster Regions with Convolutional Neural Networks features (Faster R-CNN) as the basis to establish neural network model. And uses the image collecting from PET as the input data, training system with the distribution change of amyloid protein in the image, predicting probability of developing a disease through complex features. Eventually, establishing an interface system that can predict patients’ severity of Alzheimer's disease in the future. * Purpose of research : Alzheimer's disease is an irreversible neurodegenerative disease that causes damage to brain cells and has a considerable effect on memory and other mental functions, leading to the decline of bodily functions and the more susceptible to disease as you age. The main purpose of this study is to develop an AI expert system that can achieve early diagnosis by understanding the causes and mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease and using the concept of neural network algorithm. It is hoped that through the application of deep learning in medical imaging, the focus will shift to predicting and inhibiting the development of the disease before symptoms appear, and to produce supporting information that can be used by doctors to refer to whether they have Alzheimer's disease. The main purpose of this study is summarized as following: 1.Design an Alzheimer's diagnostic model based on a deep learning model based on Faster R-CNN. 2.Validating target detection algorithms in deep learning for astsized eggs such as Alzheimer's in the brain The effectiveness of white identification. 3.he results of the assessment are feasible for diagnosing the severity of Alzheimer's disease and verify whether the arithmetic ability is effective in obtaining the pathological characteristics of the subject's brain. 4.Improve the efficiency of doctors in diagnosing Alzheimer's disease. ------------------------------------------- / Because images are less readily available, we want the help of The Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) to provide a pet brain image with Amyloid as a tracker figure. / The subjects were older than 60 years old / If there's anything you want to know about our research, please ask ! / Email : p36071074@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Additional Investigators