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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Babak Afshin-Pour
Institution: BioSymetrics Inc
Department: Data Science
Proposed Analysis: The number of products on multimodal data fusion (i.e. capitalizing on joint information among modalities) is still remarkably small since it requires broader expertise in collecting, analyzing and interpreting the results. This opens an opportunity for building a product on multi-model data fusion, which utilizes and treats multiple medical data types equally to take fully advantage of the joint information in multiple data sets. This product can help in the following the area of biomarkers discovery. Robust and validated biomarkers are needed to improve diagnosis, monitor drug activity and therapeutic response and guide the development of safer and targeted therapies for various diseases. While different types of biomarkers have been impactful in the field of drug discovery and development, the process of identifying and validating disease specific biomarkers has been quite challenging. The product help building a biomarker that reflect the status of a disease. The goal is to build package to integrate clinical, genetic and MRI data types and build a model explaining the association between different medical data types, and association between different datasets and a diagnostic label. The association of different attributes with the labels can provide an insight with the mechanism of a disease, and discover related biomarkers. A recent version of ADNI dataset (ADNI-3) provide an opportunity to determine the relationships between the clinical, cognitive, imaging, genetic, and biochemical biomarker characteristics across the entire spectrum of AD. We can explore the possibility of using this version of the data rather than the previous version.
Additional Investigators