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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Sarah Bauermeister
Institution: University of Oxford
Department: Psychiatry
Proposed Analysis: Optimum family history and lifestyle on later life cortical thickness and subsequent cognitive outcomes: a multi-modal multi-analytical approach. Using machine learning and structural equation modelling, I propose to investigate the interaction of family history (genetic and behavioural), lifestyle (socio-economic status, occupation, physical/social/intellectual activity) on cortical thickness on later later cognitive outcomes, and dementia. The Hypothesis I will be exploring is that early life and genetic family history may affect later life cortical thickness (e.g. Gheorghe et al., BioRxiv) and that later life occupation and lifestyle might be a proxy for early life circumstances/or have a protective effect on cortical structure and cognition in later life. Of interest is later life socio-economic status and occupation and cortical thickness, and later life cognition. Machine learning (recurrent neural networks and random forest-LASSO) will be used to extract features of interest from the phenotypic data. Structural equation models will be used to feature latent constructs of interest for prediction models - cognitive and cortical outcomes, and mediation models.
Additional Investigators