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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Ana Sofia Costa
Institution: University Hospital RWTH Aachen
Department: Neurology
Proposed Analysis: Our focus is on the vascular contributions to AD, namely the role of vascular amyloid deposition, as well as the contribute of other types of microangiopathic processes, to better clarify their intersections at the pathobiological and clinical levels. We aim to specifically cross-validate previous results from our clinical cohort,in order to reduce possible representation and sampling bias from our previous work. Mirroring our former analyses, we will identify independent predictors of strictly lobar microbleeds in Aβ positive and Aβ negative patients from different cohorts, including association with demographic, clinical, neuropsychological and imaging characteristics, with a special interest on degree and pattern of atrophy and burden of microangiopathy (white matter hyperintensities, perivascular spaces). Data from ADNI will also allow to apply automated methods of imaging processing, specifically automated analyses of white matter hyperintensities, microbleeds and perivascular spaces,as well as extend the focus to predictors of progression using longitudinal data. We are particularly interested in studying if the association between lobar microbleeds, and other markers of vascular dysfunction, particularly the burden of perivascular spaces, is specific to amyloid deposition. We believe that results would contribute to contribute to the discussion on the clinical applicability of biomarker-based classification system, such as the AT(N) and inform on the synergetic relationship between AD and CAA, namely implications concerning diagnosis and therapies decisions, including potential amyloid-based therapies.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Dariia Yosypyshyn
Proposed Analysis: Analysis of progression of patients with borderline CSF biomarkers profiles, non-dichotomic approach to biomarkers classification