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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: BO LING
Institution: University of Birmingham
Department: Computer Science School
Proposed Analysis: This is a summer project that is about to start, and the main research direction is medical image segmentation. In previous projects, I have tried to use U-net neural network to segment liver tumors, and have a preliminary grasp of related technologies. In this project, I will try an improved U-net neural network. To solve the problem that U-net is prone to gradient disappearance and low feature reuse rate, I will try to establish a dense connection between the current layer and all layers to maintain upsampling The long connection structure with downsampling can effectively alleviate the shortcomings of U-net. I have also learned about the data set provided by ADNI. For the small proportion of hippocampus, small size, and unclear edges, I will try to use data augmentation, size cropping and other methods to remove unnecessary edge samples.
Additional Investigators