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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Christopher Brydges
Institution: University of California, Davis
Department: West Coast Metabolomics Center
Proposed Analysis: The data will be used as a real-world example of how Bayesian statistics can be advantageous in answering research questions that traditional null hypothesis significance testing (e.g., p values) cannot. This study is not aiming to answer any specific research question about Alzheimer's disease/MCI, but will show that Bayesian analyses can be used to quantify evidence in favor of one hypothesis over another, including support of the null hypothesis, which p values cannot do. Metabolomics and cognitive screening data will be used to demonstrate this, by comparing the results of simple traditional and Bayesian statistical analyses. For example, traditional and Bayesian independent samples t-tests may be conducted on a selection of metabolites with sex used as the grouping variable. Additionally, traditional and Bayesian correlations may be conducted between scores on a cognitive screening measure and abundance of a selection of metabolites.
Additional Investigators