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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Abhinav Bichal
Institution: Att intern
Department: Data Analyst
Proposed Analysis: Along with a team of college and high school students along with the aid data scientists, our group is planning on creating a machine learning model based on classification via supervised learning. Our goal is to apply the images available in the archive to our machine learning model in order to detect any correlations of the prognosis of Alzheimer's and minute signs and discrepancies that occur in image scanning. We will also be using many other database sources to gain insight on biomarkers and their role in the bloodstream and brain as well. The presence of biomarkers, the changes in the appearance and physiology of the brain, and the relationship between both will all be carefully monitored in this project. The ultimate goal of this project is to find any sort of sign that may indicate the slightest chance of brain atrophy. This project has no limitation on time and we are planning to contact many local hospitals in our area for additional data insight (Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex- including Baylor Scott and White and UT Southwestern). I sincerely hope that these technologies will be able to shed a light onto the brain and its functions as this is an issue that affects a lot of people that we may personally know and be close to. Thank you for the consideration.
Additional Investigators