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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Adrienne Dula
Institution: Dell Medical School at the University of Texas Austin
Department: Neurology
Proposed Analysis: We are writing an R01 proposal that will harmonize ADNI 3 data with other neuroimaging repositories (NKI Rockland, MESA, and CARDIA) to evaluate the impact of cerebrovascular function on brain age and its relation to Alzheimer's Disease (AD) progression. We will specifically use the ASL perfusion maps as input to train a brain age prediction model and estimate predicted brain age difference for all participants. The second aim will examine the role of sex in relations between cerebrovascular function and measures of AD pathology by comparing cerebral blood flow maps with markers of AD (segmented volumes and white matter hyperintensity burden). The neuroimaging measures will also be correlated with cognitive assessments for both men and women in order to evaluate differences between the sexes. Finally, we will determine the impact of sex on of brain age and progression to AD. Brain age predictions will be compared between sexes, specifically assessing how sex influences: i) correlations between cerebrovascular brain age via the predicted age difference, ii) relationships between cerebrovascular predicted age difference and comorbidities or other phenotypic indices (such as cardiovascular fitness and ASCVD score), and iii) correlations of predicted cardiovascular brain age difference with cognitive dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease, and ADRD.
Additional Investigators