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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Benoit Souchet
Institution: AgenT
Department: Diagnosis
Proposed Analysis: AgenT, a biotech startup located in Paris (France), is developing a blood-based diagnosis of the silent phase of Alzheimer’s disease. We have validated a proof of concept on 232 human plasma samples from 3 different European cohorts and our diagnosis achieved 100% sensitivity and 99% specificity. To obtain this performance, we measured 25 plasmatic biomarkers specific to Alzheimer’s and we developed a Machine Learning algorithm (neural network). AgenT’s biomarkers (50% proteins, 50% metabolites) are not produced by the brain but are exclusively regulated or produced by peripheral organs. This represent a major advantage because as people age most of them will produce amyloid peptides in their brains. For the same amyloid concentration some brains will be unsensitive to the amyloid toxicity and will not develop Alzheimer’s but other brains will be sensitive and the individual will gradually convert to Alzheimer’s. The amyloid concentration isn’t specific enough to diagnose Alzheimer’s and the phosphorylated Tau presence in biological fluids is too late for an effective patient management. Our R&D program based on both global and targeted Mass Spectrometry assays decipher the peripheral consequences of Alzheimer’s progression. This could be an important discovery to better understand Alzheimer’s from asymptomatic phase and pave the way to new therapeutic targets or AD specific biomarkers.
Additional Investigators