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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Babak Ardekani
Institution: Nathan Kline Institute
Department: Center for Brain Imaging and Neuromodulation
Proposed Analysis: Analysis of structural MRI data to characterized morphological differences between normal controls, AD and MCI patients.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Sang Han Lee
Proposed Analysis: Corpus callosum thickness
Investigator's Name: Alvin Bachman
Proposed Analysis: Corpus callosum thickness profile
Investigator's Name: Meghan Eze
Proposed Analysis: Processing and analysis of neuropsychiatric measures and their relationship to brain structure
Investigator's Name: Yazdan Rezaee
Proposed Analysis: Yazdan will conduct a comparison of rigid-body registration algorithms for registration of longitudinal intra-subject 3D high-resolution T1-weighted structural MRI. This is a fundamental preprocessing step for automated computational neuroanatomical analysis of the type of longitudinal MRI data in ADNI.
Investigator's Name: Somaye Jabari
Proposed Analysis: Bayesian diffusion tensor estimation in DTI with application to predicting dementia risk in cognitively normal and MCI older adults.
Investigator's Name: Amir Sariaslani
Proposed Analysis: Development of automated Corpus Callosum segmentation methods using structural MRI
Investigator's Name: Somar Hadid
Proposed Analysis: Mr. Hadid is a research assistant in Ardekani Lab. He will compute polygenic risk scores (PRS) to prediction conversion from normal aging to MCI and from MCI to AD.
Investigator's Name: Mia Giaever
Proposed Analysis: Investigating sex differences in risk factors of cognitive decline.
Investigator's Name: Mohan Liu
Proposed Analysis: Investigating sex differences in risk factors of cognitive decline