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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: MAURIZIO DE PITTA
Department: M3A/MCEN
Proposed Analysis: I am asking to access the ADNI database harness genomics and metabolomics data for the purpose of academic research for the identification of neuron-glial markers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. The project aims to explore omics data -- whole-gene sequencing and metabolomics within the ADNI database -- to exploit data mining and statistical inference to identify putative glial markers for prediction of mild-cognitive impairment and AD onset. To this aim, I am joined in the project by two early-stage researchers: Giulio BONIFAZI, who is a 2nd year PhD student under my supervision; and Alice TONDRE, who is a Master's student pursuing her MSc research on this project. Specifically, we aim to link prediction from an in silico model on EAAT trafficking's regulation by amyloid-beta at different AD stages, with biomolecular pathways and different transcription factors that could underpin such regulation.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: GIULIO BONIFAZI
Proposed Analysis: Mr. Giulio Bonifazi, is a Ph.D. student (2nd year) under the supervision of Dr. DE PITTA (the applicant) and will team-up with Ms. Alice TONDRE to exploit genomics data from the ADNI database, linking them with metadata from the literature. He is also responsible for the in silico model used in our project, to identify potential biomolecular pathways to link by genomics with glial markers.
Investigator's Name: ALICE TONDRE
Proposed Analysis: Ms. Alice Tondre, is pursuing an internship under the supervision of Dr. DE PITTA (the applicant) and will deploy the bioinformatics approaches to mine and analyse data from the ADNI databases.