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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Samara Banno
Institution: University of london
Department: Psychological Sciences
Proposed Analysis: I aim to develop a diagnostic tool that will assess people with no obvious signs of the disease and flash a red warning light for people who are likely to develop dementia in the future. I believe this tool will make life easier for people that are likely to have dementia in the future, allowing them to seek treatment as early as possible, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. Unlike other diagnosis tools that solely focus on memory, the proposed tool will also combine processes in people’s brain that are involved in almost every aspect of their life. It includes thinking, memory, language, judgment, and the ability to learn new things. Lifestyle aspects will also be considered that may impact the brain development, such as smoking, education, alcohol consumption, diet and daily exercise. In order to implement such a tool, I will be using existing patient data previously taken in cognitive tests. The scores of these tests will be assembled using an advanced intelligent model to give an overall score for each patient, flagging up those who will develop dementia in later life based on the information. This warning tool is an exciting step in the use of artificial intelligence to get a much earlier and more accurate cost and time effective diagnosis.
Additional Investigators