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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Maitha Alarjani
Institution: King Faisal University
Department: Computer scince
Proposed Analysis: Alzheimer’s disease is the continuous deterioration in thinking, behavioral, and social skills that affects a person’s ability to function independently and is the most common cause of memory impairment and dementia. Early diagnosis is considered one of the most important factors that helps make future plans and prevent the development of symptoms of this disease. This study aims to develop deep learning that can detect early warning of Alzheimer's disease, where diseases are detected and early prediction of disease is made by using deep learning techniques such as neural networks (NN), It is an artificial neural network inspired by human brains using specific mathematical algorithms. A neural network will be used to distinguish between healthy brain imaging, and those affected by Alzheimer's disease. In this work, we will present a novel approach to detecting early Alzheimer's disease. For illness diagnosis, deep learning models will be used. The novelty will be used in ad novel 3D convolutional neural network architecture that will extract the characteristics of neuroimaging data. To measure the performance of this approach, we will try to get the best results possible as the performance standards of our approach will be compared with previous studies. please i need approval for AdNi3 if that possial thanks alot
Additional Investigators