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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Yu Wen Chiu
Institution: Taipei Medical University
Department: Graduate Institute of Data Science
Proposed Analysis: We hope to use ADNI's imaging data, biological labeling data, and genetic data about Alzheimer's brain disease, with additional data from our affiliated hospitals, to carry out early detection of Alzheimer's disease, assist decision-making, and Promote the health of people in an aging society.
Additional Investigators  
Investigator's Name: Min-Huei Hsu
Proposed Analysis: Artificial intelligence is an important core technology for the development of smart medical care and smart hospitals. Not only the application of image analysis, but also natural language processing is also an exciting direction. The simplest application mode is to provide relevant assistance to patients, such as dialogue and guidance. As for further application, it can assist in recording patient-related medical records during the doctor's consultation process, and conduct real-time analysis to provide relevant assistance to doctors, which can also greatly help improve the quality of medical care.
Investigator's Name: Yung-Chun Chang
Proposed Analysis: Include natural language, knowledge discovery from text, information extraction, relation extraction, and question answering. Recent works include (but not limit to): topic-oriented social relationship extraction, principle-based approach for NLP applications, text mining for sentiment analysis, question answering system, clinical decision support system, and intelligent Chatbot of deep language understanding.