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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Andrew Hooyman
Institution: Arizona State University
Department: School of Biological Health Systems Engineering
Proposed Analysis: Previous research by Sohn et al. (2018) demonstrated that females who have a high likelihood of MCI due to Alzheimer's disease experience a greater rate of decline on the ADAS-Cog than similar males. We would like to analyze how the rate of this decline may vary based on cognitive domain. For example, language versus visuospatial versus memory. We would model this using a linear mixed effects model where we would identify the same high likelihood individuals as Sohn and colleagues but analyze how changes across domains changes overtime based on sex, APOE e4 carrier status and possibly hippocampal volume. Our hypothesis is that their will be greater declines in visuospatial function based on sex than language and memory and APOE e4 and hippocampal volume may be modifiers of this sex dependent relationship, i.e. female APOE e4 carriers may experience less decline overtime in visuospatial ability compared to female APOE e4 non-carriers.
Additional Investigators