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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Arron Lacey
Institution: Alzhiemer's Research UK / Alan Turing Institute
Department: EDoN Initiative
Proposed Analysis: The EDoN Initiative aims to create a digital toolkit to help the early detection of dementia. While part of the work at EDoN will be to follow up a prospective cohort that will use the digital toolkit, we are also aiming to determine which other data would be worthwhile to collect in our prospective cohort. We propose to use ADNI data in trajectory models to understand which features are useful as predictors and/or reliable measures of cognitive decline. Currently the proposed trajectory models include non-linear mixed effects regression and non-linear Bayesian state space models in which we are interested in unsupervised / weakly supervised analyses and mutivariate regression to see if a combination of markers for cognitive decline (MMSE, APOE4, Imaging) provide a more accurate measure than individual measures. We also propose investigating dimensionality reducation techniques using sparse autoencoders in the aim to detect low dimension manifolds that will be less susceptible to noise and multicolinearity. The EDoN Initiative Analytics Hub comprises of academics from Oxford, Exeter and Cambridge Universities and the Alan Turing Institue and National Physical Laboratory. All analyses proposed are subject to the Research Ethics Advisory Group at the Alan Turing Institute and we plan to publish any findings of our research.
Additional Investigators