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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Abhishek Tiwari101
Institution: Shiv Nadar University Delhi NCR
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Proposed Analysis: Alzheimer’s infection is an irreversible, reformist cerebrum problem that gradually demolishes memory and thinking abilities. Super-goal imaging and deep learning are generally utilized in the clinical field so as to identify infection and help specialist in dynamic dependent on perception. Our aims to recognize Alzheimer’s infection so that patients can be forestalled before irreversible changes happen in the mind. We propose a convolutional neural organization method to arrange the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). We pick CNN on the grounds that it has various channels or bits which are utilized to recognize complex shapes and edges. In these strategies, we prepared our CNN model through exchange, getting the hang of utilizing VGG16. With the assistance of clump size, the model has been set with the quantity of ages, so it can assess the precision and misfortune to its greatest limit. This component extraction improves with better information and super-goal imaging. I have a humble request to the authority person, kindly provide me access of the ADNI dataset as soon as possible. Thank you indeed Sir/Ma'am for your support.
Additional Investigators