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Principal Investigator  
Principal Investigator's Name: Bong Jun Kim
Institution: Syntekabio Co., Ltd.
Department: A.I
Proposed Analysis: We are analyzing genomes with our own technology, and recently, we are a company that uses AI analysis techniques. We have been trying to derive meaningful results for finding biomarkers using ADNI data from before. That is why we are very aware of the importance of the data owned by ADNI Group. We know that various and high-quality data exist in ADNI, but the previous authority cannot be used for reasons such as expiration. Therefore, we intend to apply for a new account. The resume of the person in charge is below. I am Bong Jun Kim, Ph.D in Department of biomedical, Hallym University College of Medicine. I perform bioinformatics analysis (in silico), animal testing (in vivo), and basic science experiments (in vitro). Through the above method, I have published several translational scientific papers, targeting neurosurgical diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction. And now, I am developing a patient classification method through deep learning with genomic information. We want to derive quality research results through the various data held by ADNI, so please grant access to us.
Additional Investigators